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Company Values

Our Values

In support of our mission, as a company, and as individuals, we value:

Integrity (we practice the highest standard of personal and corporate ethics, continually strengthening and building relationship through honesty, trustworthiness and reliability)

Performance (we are committed to excellence and passionate about delivering superior results)

Respect (we treat our customers, colleagues and partners with kindness and respect)

Commitment (we are committed to delivering the highest quality, service and value to our tenants, employee and business associates)

Sustainability (we strive to be sensitive to green building practices by using sustainable design and technology to deliver energy efficient, desirable, productive places to work)

Teamwork (working together as a team, we utilize our employees' and business associates' [consults, vendors, partners] unique talents and skills in a spirit of cooperation and trust)

People (we work in an inclusive environment that embraces change, new ideas, respect for the individual and equal opportunity to succeed)

Community (we embrace corporate social responsibility through philanthropy and dedication to the economic vibrancy and social conscience of the Pacific Northwest).